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Saadani rhodesian ridgebacks

Setting the Standard

2009 Show Results and Critiques

January 15th 2009 – Manchester Champ show at Stafford County Showground. 2nd in a very large Junior dog, class 171, number 582– Crufts 2010 Qualifier, Judge Mrs Melanie Dunn

“2 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, similar type to 1 in construction. Head a little finer, dark round eye giving alert expression. Movement a little loose in front.”

For comparison...

 (“1. R/wheaten of Standard size & nicely balanced throughout, head of correct proportions, kind expressive outlook, good angulation. Sound movement but would benefit from being shown on a loose lead. Handler would benefit from further tuition to get the best from his dog. Considered for RCC, will watch his future with interest ;)

January 31st 2009 – Caledonian Canine Society Open show at Ingliston, Graduate RR. 

2nd in Junior RR. Judge Dr Ronald James (Jasmorre)

February 1st 2009 – Paisley & District C.S. Open show at Wishaw Sports centre. Judge Mr M.H Boswell (Marquell). 

1st in Post Grad RR. Judge said the temperaments had really improved since he previously handled RR’s years before. 

“Best mover, lovely type, happy temperament, strong legs and feet, nice hash coat and presentation good”.

March 5th 2009 – CRUFTS Championship Show at NEC Birmingham. Judge Miss A T E Haapaniemi (Finland). Yearling RR dog - First place!!!

Expertly handled by Sharon Rossiter, Elvis’ breeder.

“YD (10) 1 Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, a good young dog who has style. At the moment a little long in loin. Moved well;” 

April 11th 2009 – Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show at Kelso. Judge Mrs J. Ellis. Yearling Dog, placed 2nd.

 “2 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, lighter built dog, good head & proportions, steady mover”

April 12th 2009 – RRCS Club Open Show at Alva. Judge Mrs Veronica Thoren (Rex Ventors). 1st in Post Graduate class.   

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, elegant and eye catching outline. Very pleasant head with good proportions and nice depth of muzzle. Nicely filled in front and good depth of chest for age. Superb topline with good tailset. Easy flowing mover with long and impressive stride. Carries neck and tail beautifully on the move, creating a very appealing balance in movement. Promising boy."

April 25th 2009 – Clackmannanshire Open Show at Fishcross (equestrian centre). Judge Gail Hunter, 2nd in Post Graduate class.

May 3rd 2009 – Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Championship at Leatherhead Leisure centre. 1st in Graduate RR dog. Judge Mr Nick Bryce-Smith.

"1st Aitken& Reid’s SONSTRAAL CHOCOLATE STORM. Good overall balance with a reaching light action. Correct eye and well set ear. Well laid shoulder and good depth. Moderate rear angulation with well set tail. Well developed teeth. Moved with vigour and truth which gave him this class."

May 16th 2009 - Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh. Our judge was breed specialist Mrs Pat Thorne (Kwekwe). Yearling Dog placed 1st.

In the Challenge Elvis was given the Reserve Challenge Certificate, qualifying him for Crufts for Life and earning him his stud book number at the tender age of 20 months old.

A massive Thank You to Mrs Thorne!

 "1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, handsome wheaten dog, good size, pleasing head, kind expression, long neck, good angles front & rear, strong topline held on the move, good depth of chest, good width to thighs, moved out strongly & at one with his handler, look forward to seeing him mature. RCC"

May 23rd 2009 - Fife Agricultural Show, Kinloss. Judge Mrs A Cowan. Placed 1st in Any Variety Open in the Pedigree classes section of the show. 

June 6th 2009 - Southern Counties Championship show, Newbury show ground. Placed 1st in Yearling RR Dog and also placed 1st in Graduate RR dog. A big thank you to our judge, breed specialist Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

Thanks to Janice McKinlay for the lovely photographs!

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, lovely balanced, athletic hound, good length of body, well angulated, head of good proportions, kind gentle expression, standing on straight forelegs, good tight feet, free easy movement"

June 20th 2009 - Border Union Championship show, Kelso. Placed 1st in Post Graduate dog class, thank you to our judge Mr Martin Sanders (Castellcoch). 

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, wheaten of good quality, pleasing in head which is masculine & well balanced, correct in neck & shoulder, good overall body balance, correct in bone, stands on quality bone & feet, put his best foot forward to win this class true both coming & going & giving off a lovely profile on the go around, when fully matured will be even better"

Friday 3rd July 2009 - Windsor Championship show. Elvis was placed 1st in Graduate dog class, thank you to our judge Mrs Jenny Morris (Kasenga).

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, r/wh with a beautiful head, good depth of muzzle, correct eye & earset, good length of neck, level topline, good depth & balanced angulation, good bone & feet, moved very soundly"

July 11th 2009 - Greenock & District Open show, Irvine. Placed 1st in Graduate RR class, thank you our judge Mr Russell Mosedale.

Eagerly awaiting Elvis' critique...

July 19th 2009 - Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Championship show, Stoneleigh. Placed 1st in Post Graduate dog, and awarded the dog Reserve Challenge Certificate. A massive Thank You to our judge, breed specialist Mrs Toni Agnew (Mwenga). 

Thanks to Sarah Nix for the lovely photographs.

"1st Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm. Lovely rich wheaten who appeals for his overall balance. Typical in head, he has a strong clean neck of good length set on well- sloped shoulders. Front assembly is spot on and is complimented by well- developed rear quarters. He looked a picture of health striding round the ring and was true coming and going. I appreciated such good rapport between dog and handler, pleased to award him the R.C.C."

July 25th 2009 - Leeds Championship Show. Placed 1st in Post Graduate dog. Thank You to our judge, breed specialist Mrs Lyn Hewson (Rekaylahn).

"1st Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, masculine head, typical expression, well made front, deep chest, level topline, correct length of loin, powerful quarters, moved with good length of stride as his lovely clean flowing construction would indicate. Contender for the RCC, just preferred the heavier bone of the limit winner;"

August 1st 2009 - The Hound Association Championship show, Stafford. Placed 1st in a large Limit dog class - Elvis' first time in limit! Thank you to our judge Mr D. Simpson.

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, nice clean lines, good head & expression, strong neck of good length set on well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, good topline, nice ridge & crowns, good length of loin, good quarters, well muscled, nice long striding movement, covered the ground well. Taken into consideration for top spot."

September 11th 2009 - Richmond Championship show, Loseley Park. Placed 1st in a large Limit dog class and shortlisted in the Challenge line up. Thank You to our judge Mr Mark Cocozza (Freecloud).

"1 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, excellent clean outline with lovely reach, shoulder, topline & tailset, excellent depth, lovely head, moderate angulation, slightly rangy but was so powerful & effortless in profile."

September 18th 2009 - Darlington Championship show, Ripon. Placed 3rd in a large Open Dog class - Elvis' first time in open. Thank you to our judge Mrs Ferelith Somerfield.

October 11th 2009 - Hound Association of Scotland Open show, Lanark. Placed 1st in Open Dog class, Best Dog and BOB, then shortlisted in the BIS line up. Thanks to our judges Miss E. Wallace and Mrs K. Lowson. We then had two stakes classes - A.V. Handled by a Lady, and A.V. HAS Members Stakes which we won 1st place in both under BIS judge Mr B. Foster (Stormpasture).

"1 Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, beautiful dog, correct ridge and crown, good head, nice tight feet, really like this boy. Couldn't fault his movement. Will definitely go far. BOB."

October 24th 2009 - Midland Counties Championship Show, Stafford. Placed 2nd in a large Open Dog class. Thank you to our judge Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews.

"2 Aitken & Reid’s Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, similar for proportions, a little longer than high which I liked. Good head & uses his ears. A little short of upper arm. Good strong legs & tight feet. Crowns could be better defined but good length of ridge. Pleasing on the move."

November 8th 2009 - Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland Championship show, Lanark. Elvis was placed 1st in a large Limit Dog class. He is then awarded the Dog Challenge Certificate, and goes on to win Reserve Best in Show! A huge Thank You to our International Breed Specialist and All Breeds Judge Mrs Anna Lane (Etosha). What a fantastic day!

"1. Sonstraal Chocolate Storm. Well balanced dog overall, good head, round eye, level topline, good ridge, well laid shoulder, tracked true fore and aft. CC and RBIS"

December 5th 2009 - West Lothian Canine Society Open Show, Bathgate. Placed 1st in Open RR class, then awarded BOB. Elvis then went on to take Group 2. Thank you to our judge Mrs M. Morrison.

"1 Aitken & Reid's Sonstraal Chocolate Storm, all male with the best of heads, good expression, well made body, correct ridge & crowns, moved with great power & presence. BOB, G2"

December 20th 2009 - Cambuslang Canine Society Open Show, Wishaw. Placed 1st in Open RR class, and BOB. Elvis then went on to take Group 2. Thank you to our judge Mr D. Littlejohn (Arcullean).

Eagerly awaiting Elvis' critique...

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